About Us

A scientific and pragmatic grading system for the products there by allowing a pricing system that is transparent for both the suppliers and the end consumer. We have had discussions with a few international companies that have developed grading processes and systems that specifically cater to our needs. Once the products are packaged and branded under the name of Sindhufornia, these will then be supplied initially to both organised and unorganised retailers as well as traders in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in Maharashtra and then later across India. The mid-term target is to extend this process to the international markets after a detailed study of the regulations and demand side of the markets. The thorough standards will ensure that the products do not face any rejection, unlike what has been observed in the recent years. We will also work closely with the farmers to educate them and improve their yield and efficiency since their inputs and efforts will have the maximum impact on the quality of the produce. Our current focus is on products like Alphonso Mango, Vengurla Cashew nuts, Kokum have GI mark indicating authenticity and quality. We are also working in processed products domain of Konkan Meva like Kokum based soft drinks and sports drink, Alphonso juice (100% pure), Jackfruit chips, Aonla (Awla / Amla) syrup and juice, etc.